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5 Possible effects of smoking

Nicotine addiction is very strong and powerful. In recent years many health concerns raised about smoking. Most people start in teenage, easily get influenced by those who regularly smoke

According to WHO 12% of world’s smokers are in India. Every year 1 million people die due to lung caner and other tobacco related diseases which includes active and passive smoking

Cigarette smoke made of different chemicals those are referred as carcinogens. Some of the chemicals found in cigarettes are lead, arsenic, ammonia and other elements

What makes people smoke?

Those who have parents or friends are more likely to get the habit, some start to impress the opposite gender by looking cool and ends up getting addict.

To get socialize! when in break with a coffee, or hanging with group on weekend accompanied with smoking

Now the question is how the smoking will affect your body (when you get old) when you start inhaling the burned nicotine

Below are the 5 possible affects of smoking

Brain Stroke:

A smoker has 3 times more possibility to get stroke. When blood clot in the brain it leads to more threatening problems like Paralysis, low limb movement, blurred vision and even death.

Lung Cancer:

90% of the times is the cause of cancer both in men and women. The major case is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which damages tiny air sacs in the lungs

Decrease Sexual performance:

Nicotine do affect the genital parts of body through blood, which not only decreases the performance and in few cases more likely to cause erectile dysfunction.

It’s not limited to men, even women it lowers the sex hormone and more likely to get cervical cancer

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